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How to Make Money with MadDeal

Do you know people who may be interested in today's MadDeal? Send your friends, family, co-workers or anyone else a notification via Email , Facebook or Twitter and if they buy you make money – it's as simple as that!

Each MadDeal has it's own referral payout, which is the amount MadDeal will pay you, for every voucher that each of your contacts buy. The referral payout is listed everyday on the Deal of the Day.

On the deal page next to the "share today's deal and get paid…" message, there are 3 referral buttons (Facebook, Twitter and Email). Select the method you would like to notify your contact(s) and a personalized link will be sent out to all. The personalized link will let MadDeal track which of your contacts have purchased a voucher and we will pay you the referral fee for each sale.

As an example, MadDeal is selling $75 worth of food at a French restaurant for $30. The referral fee for that day is $10. You send out notification to your contact(s) of the deal of the day via our referral buttons (Twitter, Facebook and Email). 20 of your contacts purchase the voucher. 20 (contacts) X $10 (referral fee) = $200 will be deposited into your MadDeal account. You do not need to purchase the deal in order to Make Money with MadDeal and there is no limit to how many times you can send out referral notifications or how much money you can make.

You can always access your account information, including your balances, in "My Accounts" by logging into MadDeal. In "My Accounts" you will see a "My MadBucks" link, which will give you your up to date balance of how much money is in your account. Once you have accumulated $15 you click the button "Pay Out" and a cheque will be mailed out to you*. If you wish to wait for a higher balance before being paid out, no problem, the money is yours and you can get paid out anytime you like.

*MadDeal mails out cheques on the first of every month.

**Commissions will not be paid if you refer yourself. Buyer must have or create an account under a different name.

If you have any questions, please email us at