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About MadDeal

Launched in January of 2011, MadDeal was created when the popularity of Social Media Marketing exploded and changed the advertising landscape forever. This type of direct marketing allows vendors to promote products and services to a vast base of consumers, with no upfront fees, no risk, and no long term commitment. They see immediate results, benefit with instant new business, get paid upfront, and are able to grow their customer base without lifting a finger. For new locations, slow periods, or just increasing your client base, nothing beats it and the demand is there! With today's economic times, people are looking to save money where they can. Whether it's saving on day to day products and services that they are already purchasing, or taking advantage of special discounts for something they couldn't justify spending money on in the past... people love a great deal!

Why should you advertise with MadDeal? Even though our model is to offer hugely discounted deals, it's just as important to us that the vendors we promote are successful with their marketing campaign. By taking the time to speak with business owners out there, we are able to understand their concerns and have learned from past mistakes made by our competitors. The result is we have come up with a marketing strategy that is a winner for everyone involved. How do we do this? We spend the time to understand our clients business, their strengths and what they are hoping to achieve with us. We work with them to create a Deal that will get them attention, create sales, and help them grow their business. We prepare them for the day of the deal, what to expect, and how to provide an experience that will get repeat customers even when they are paying regular price.

On the flipside we would be nowhere without our subscribers. With you in mind, we scout out vendors and create offerings that will catch your attention. They will include local services, restaurants, events, products, and much more. Priced at 50 – 100% off (that's right, be on the lookout for amazing freebies), it's an affordable way to try out that new local restaurant, or to get that spa treatment you've been putting off. Sign up today for our FREE daily MadDeal notification.

Coming soon... Coupon Freebies, Limited Quantity Offerings, Exclusive MadDeal Events, and much more..